Scots Pavilion

Ever thought of owning a home that near to the golf course and clubhouses? Scots Pavilion is the one you will ever think of having as your retirement home and is just a distance away from Heritage Club, Turf Club, and horse riding area. Scots Pavilion is at the strategic location of Scotland Road and is at the center of the Georgetown so it is very convenience to access to any area in town as well as to any workplace or factories that usually located at the industrial zone area. From South to East, East to West, it is just within 30 mins drive.

Scots Pavilion is also a good home for newly wed couples and families as schools, colleges and universities are just nearby so is a very strategic home as housewife’s choice as to ease the day with good planning when driving the children to school to getting the groceries, everything is just at the finger tips and easy to manage the family and chores.

How wonderful to think of the breadwinner can concentrate his time in the office while the wife able to handle the children at the same time high tea areas are just nearby and after getting the groceries to cooking; everything is just within the time frame to getting it all ready for the family.

Scots Pavilion indeed an ideal home for family and for any couple to plan their family journey of path together in this classic modern condominium that comprises of all the facilities that you need from swimming pool, gym, reading corner, sauna, spa, hydrotherapy pool, Jacuzzi, kids jungle gym, local area work lobby, and etc. One thing that distinguished Scots Pavilion from other condominium is the carpark. Be captivated by its computerized leaving framework where vehicles are left on different levels stacked upward to boost the quantity of parking spots while limiting area use.

How wonderful when you don’t need to park your car when home and if you have a guard or bell boy to just park the car for you when you reached home. Yes, Scots Pavilion has it all, the building that equipped with the hydraulic technology does the work for you when you reached home. It is indeed very safe and secured that you can straight to your unit without having to walk any distance or close any gate as the door is automatic and security unit just next door.

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