Why buy custom made Furniture ?

When it comes to making a room work, sometimes the best (and ultimately money-saving!) solution is to invest in a custom piece. From rooms with small footprints to those awkward spaces that you’d really like to fill, working with a designer/maker allows you to get a perfect fit while bringing in just the right finish to really tie things together. At Kyash, you can choose any of the existing design available on our website and can modify the colour, design of the fabric, size of any furniture all according to your room space. You can even share a sketch or an image with us and we will make it especially for you.

Tailored For You

Custom Furniture is tailored as per your preference. You work with the designer in order to ensure that you get exactly what you want. With Custom Furniture, you can create that matches the wall, the floor, lightings or the other furniture pieces. It is made at the order and is the only piece which is customized for a particular client and cannot be duplicated in the market.

Create Your Own

Create the ideal fitting you’ve always wanted. Custom Furniture can be an incredible way to add something beautiful and unique in your living space. It is highly preferable as the size and design are made to fit the available spaces to utilize floor space in the best manner.

Cost Saving

Custom made furniture seems to be expensive, but in the long run, it is actually a better investment. The material and quality are far more superior in customized furniture than the mass-made furniture items. Also, there is only one individual piece being specially crafted for you which requires more time and care when it is put into fabrication.

A Unique Product

The piece that you design is all you. Custom Furniture is designed as per individual’s style, usage, comfort, decoration, design, and colors. This gives your home the unique style and communicates the stature of your personality.

Every Materials & Colors You can Choose

Custom made furniture pieces always get special attention – Making a one-off item involves a level of care and focus unparalleled by mass-produced goods. We put a lot of effort into those pieces and use the best materials which means they are of better quality than many of the mass produced items out there. Why compromise, when you could customize!

Being Different

If you’re a designer, contractor, developer & etc, obtaining the award winning for your projects by designing every pieces into custom made than buying the ready made.

We had seen many designers, contractors that did with the development projects, holding trophies during dinners, walking on the red carpet with the awards winning and mostly through custom made; not ready made.

There are times that you have walked into a furniture store and wondered how many people have similar designs. Be the uniquely than boring. Create your own masterpieces like John Makepiece https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Makepeace