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Kyash Cubes Malaysia Factory Fabricate For KOKUYO

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Kyash Cubes Malaysia has come a long way, in the forefront of the market, intending to offer our customers pre-eminent services in the residential and commercial furnishing sector by keeping our customer’s needs and requirements at priority. From years into the industry, we as a team are striving to deliver premium quality furniture by keeping forth our customer’s choices and needs.

We are persistently working in a direction; to make it a spot where we can put the customer’s needs, exigencies, and expectations at the center of everything we do and provide the furniture for every preference and occasion. 

Kyash Cubes is committed to bringing forth custom-made furniture for indoor, outdoor, steelwork, fiberglass, exhibition booth, theme park, commercial buildings, antique, and cultural facilities accompanying with various others. 

Uniting with Mother Nature’s resources have been a key behind the success of Kyash Cubes Malaysia. We have put forth our dedication, efforts, commitment, and words, to distinguish ourselves by providing freedom and opportunity to our customers and assist them in bringing their imaginations and aspirations of their design drawing into the real world with natural materials such as timber, mahagony, meranti, cengal, and etc. 

We believe to extend support to our customers and encourage them to bring their master art, designs, drawings, and imaginations to us. Rest we take the responsibility of ensuring excellence and bringing life and colors into your ideas. All that you need is; to have a list of your requirement that includes your choice for the material and a design if you desire to have something in particular.

We have managed to serve a wide range of clients with the furniture solutions as by dint of their living and work entails. Our client base mostly has been architects, interior designers, proprietors, and developers previously.

We welcome you to contact us and drop us a message or email if you are planning: to renovate your home, commercial areas, or cultural facilities. Kyash Cubes comes forward to provide a thorough plan and most often delivered before expected times for projects. 

We seek to corroborate that all the furniture will be developed keeping the requirements of the customer in mind. Ensuring to keep the corporate strategy and work style in mind if the furniture is requested: for a workplace. The comfort of representatives and customers are prioritized: for an eatery. And for your home, the mood, choices, and solace of individuals in the family are focused. Kyash Cubes is determined to bring the best deal to the table for its customers in all possible ways.

The firm was able to gain public trust and confidence in it for being part of the direct factory of KOKUYO manufacturer. In the interim, we believe to keep providing reliable services to our clients for maintaining the good network in the global.

For projects, please email us at or

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