Malaysia – The Islands & Food Haven Place To Be…


Many in the world have not known about Malaysia but Malaysia is a beautiful country and have many uniqueness in term of history, geographical, the islands, and varieties of food. When you get to know about the places, the islands, the restaurants, the cultural value, your fondness will begin to grow for this country. Never know, never have dive depth on the good experience to see more of their goodness and varieties of choices in living lifestyle and their conservative culture keeping you safe and sound. You can’t know Malaysia just by the word to construe about this country, to know Malaysia is to know from the heart and many people from all around the world made their return or set their retirement in this beautiful place.

There are many beautiful islands in Malaysia

Teeming with vibrant marine life, the waters off the coast of Malaysian islands are diver’s Technicolor dream. Few islands in Malaysia are regularly listed among the world’s top dive destinations and has long drawn scuba experts, including the likes of Jacques Cousteau. “I have seen other places like Sipadan, 45 years ago,” reported the much-quoted documentary maker in 1989, “but now no more. Now we have found an untouched piece of art.” Referring to the island when he diving into the sea surround by the nature abundance of fishes in Malaysia.

Pinnacles at Mulu National Park in Sarawak – Natural Wonders of Malaysia

Those who love the challenge of climbing the Mount Everest, may try the stunning pinnacles of the Mulu National Park. Not your regular trek, the Pinnacles of Mulu are one of natural formations that attract serious trekkers and hikers. This beautiful spot is located in the Mulu National Park in Sarawak and requires a three day trip to experience it. The pinnacles and the rocks are the natural wonders of Malaysia just as the technicolor of the river and the sea in Malaysia.

The Art of Nature Beauty

For a true Lord of the Rings experience, head over to the state of Pahang and you will find the Mossy Forest in Cameron Highlands one of the most beautiful natural attractions in Malaysia.

The forest is accessible via road by trekking or even taking a tour company service to explore this place. Located just out of the Brinchang town area, it takes about 30 minutes drive or a two hour trek there. This is one location where you can get some really nice photographs, or even insta-worthy pictures, and it is highly recommended that you go in the morning when it is nice and sunny.

“Grace is finding a waterfall when you were only looking for a stream.”- Quote By Vanessa Hunt

The beauty of the Art of Landscape of the many waterfalls found in Malaysia. The soothing and calming experience to bring your family or indulging in painting activities or reading at the waterfalls giving you the inspiration and wisdom. Telaga Tujuh Waterfalls also known as the Seven Wells are the most picturesque and best-known waterfalls on the Langkawi island. In these waterfalls, in one of it that you can get the magnificent sight when your timing is right that you will see how the water creates mesmerizing rainbows within the mist. If you wish to witness the famous phenomena, you either have to start exploring early as it can only be seen in the morning, after a rainfall or when the sun is low. This is a perfect place for adventure seekers as this Malaysian famous waterfall can only be reached with a four-wheel-drive (4WD). You can also camp near the waterfall to make sure you don’t miss the magical rainbow moment.

The Discoveries….many wonders & beauteous landscapes in Malaysia

There are many caves in Malaysia filled with interesting history that dates back to the neolithic era such as Niah Caves, one of the most historical caves in Malaysia. You can found many interesting museums in the country to know more about the antiquity. Malaysia is rich with flora and fauna, due to the climate and safe continent from nature disasters, you can found many preserved Mother’s Nature. You can visit to the tea, local coffee and local fruits plantation, one of the place to enjoy such nature and brew is in Cameron Highland. The lists don’t just end at there but there are much more discoveries of nature wonders in this country. Many will choose to extend their trip once they get to know Malaysia.

The Antique and The Vintage in the Historical Museum

The prominent art piece and artifact are kept in the historical museum that can be read and seen in each museums. Every museums carried the olden days valuable pieces and how these pieces are differently from anywhere in the world is the cultural. The inter cross continents since ancient time that produced many of the unique artifact and it is good to know how such breakthrough of divine found in civilization and how all these had change us and transforming us in the humanity. Malaysian are known for the compassion, generosity, cultivate good ties and that is how generation to generation, Malaysians are living in harmony like siblings through their multi languages and most Malaysians are well verse in many languages.

The world for the artists…

From Mother Nature’s landscape of natural drawn from the divine, tap into the country’s artistic pieces in heritage building. The historic core not only inside the museum but how interestingly, it is also found on the hands of every artists that contributed their pieces on the historical buildings creating the world of an art. Malaysia well valued every talents and all these artistic natural hand painted wall art make a beeline for the city’s atmospheric streets to admire the heritage architecture.

Malaysians are talented not just by the multi-lingual but also some of them equipped in art, craft, music, cooking, aside from their mastery tertiary education from the universities. Due to the varies culture, many exchange of wisdom and ideas among the Malaysians in learning through their tender aged. So any that come to Malaysia, will find it like a home as there will be no language barrier and there are varieties of food, choices, items, through the multi cultural.

Malaysia – The Food Haven of Varieties & Modern Cities

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Malaysia is full of fine dining anywhere in the cities with varieties. The dishes are very unique and most often than not, some are not found anywhere in the world. It is breakthrough from the cross continents and cross cultural that such combination of profound findings in the food and beverage industry to the recipes. If you are living in Malaysia, not only it is safe, beautiful but food haven, living the lifestyle that any will dream of to the streamline of living in the condominium that built up with facilities to shopping and fine dining around the amenities.

Above is only part of the sublime about Malaysia, there are a long lists to it and we have not mentioned how sumptuous the desserts in Malaysia. There are many resplendent kind of dessert cafes in the cities and not just melt your heart but it melt in your mouth with the sweetness for your sweet tooth with your beautiful family.