Kechara Soup Kitchen

A kitchen that always filled with all walks of life from Monday to Friday 11.30am – 1.30pm with all helping hands. Weekends, they will be going out to put food for those in needs. Kechara has their own warehouse somewhere in the capital to store all food from volunteers; is like a food bank and people like us from all walks of life will pack to send out to the homeless here. Every distribution from the corporations that received from Kechara is well audited by the Malaysia’s Princess so Kechara is actually a good channel to channel out for the good purpose. Every corporate needs a place to give back to the society, every corporate has their own doing, own designated place, own choices in cultivating the good. Be it small medium business to the mentioned range, giving back to the society not only it helps the society but at times it open up the doors of creativities and findings. It had been long that we actually wanted to look for a place of such fulfilling angles and Kechara has it all, the people that they helped not just a specific group but can see is well blend, from volunteers to being helped are all walks of life. The beautiful part is that we found a sewing group of single mothers from Kechara and Alice Smith; a British institution here actually came out with very good ideas and looking at the handmade; it is very endearing and interestingly sewn by the single mothers.

The Workshop for Single Mothers – Sewing & Baking area:

Corporate entities or any individual are welcome to approach them for any private labeling or sewing to help the single mothers to generate their living as well as distribution contribution. We took our visit to their workshop the following week and together in segregate groups, we distributed out the food & necessity to the qualifying needs of groups such as old folks, handicapped, and single parents that without source of income with many children or special children.

So by having such sewing and baking resolute it helps all areas; helping those single mothers to have their spare time work and those wonderful pieces are good for souvenirs and event or occasion merchandisers.

Kechara Soup Kitchen

It is a good social responsibility and monthly experience to be able to help in the kitchen to prepare the food, packing the food and distributing the food. Herein, highly recommend any vendors that selling fresh market items such as vegetables, fish, meat and etc to donate any of the extra of the day to channel to Kechara Soup Kitchen for the good work of providing shelter and food to the homeless. Such movement will be much strengthening with the help of any not just the corporates and restaurants but any individuals who have the hearts and calling to do the good work for the society.

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In Kechara Kitchen, many institutions who give the helping hands in cheerful heart learnt a lot from the board and even the board themselves not just cultivate the good culture but they themselves occasionally are also helping at the kitchen giving a good example to follow to do with the social responsibility work.

A Kitchen established for years through the amazing effort and many corporate from organization, to institutional to universities rendered their times, not only that they be able to help the homeless but also foster the humanity connection.

During my time when I was at the kitchen, it was Thursday and the philanthropist of the month was Tropicana Corporation Berhad that contributed all the food to the homeless for our preparation and packing. Each day they have 2 dishes with rice, ice cream, biscuits and mineral water. It touched our hearts to see all the old folks and handicapped that have limited capacities through their aged and some without finances and children to be left and question arises “If without such places like Kechara Soup Kitchen, how are they going to be surviving?” In such Kechara Soup Kitchen had helped many that were in hunger and without shelter.

Aside from daily food distributing, Kechara Soup Kitchen also distribute food provision to qualifying families such as old folks, handicapped, single parents, and other similar circumstances. The week after we distributed the food at the kitchen, we signed up to help at the food bank and in there we are able to see the process and organized work flow of Kechara food bank. One of the biggest contribution to Kechara Soup Kitchen is Alice Smith School. Most of the expatriates had also chosen this country as the retirement home for the security, humanity culture, food haven and resort living place to be; the islands are beautiful and capital city is modern and advancing with many facilities built up in any properties and architecture.

Inside the building, there is a warehouse for food storage. So any corporate and individuals are welcomed to arrange any food distribution loading to channel to the needs in Kechara. If we have any extra, why waste, think of those who had not eaten for days or passed away due to hunger and unable to go out especially the old folks or being left by their children.


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