Iconic Vue

Have you ever wanted to own a home that is near to the coastline of the beautiful sea, getting to be near the seashore? That every week or month, you can get to the water sports activities with your family and indulge in the seafood restaurants along the coastline and resorts. You are living everyday like a tourist to be able to walking near the distance of seafront night market, enjoying the street food, household goods and batik clothing. Driving to the west which is also a very short distance with vehicle , is the Tropical Spice Garden that has spice terraces, bamboo garden and tropical flowers.

How wonderful to set the retirement in this area away from the hustle and bustle city. Everything that you need is just walking distance and you can get to the seashore daily, even to just have a cup of coffee or tea at any coffeehouse overlooking the sea set a remarkable day.

“Leave your worries by the shore line,

And run your bare feet through the sand,

Let the water be a soft bed,

Where you cannot bear to stand,

Make friends with the flying seagulls,

And hold the sun up on your palm,

Swim above the waves and gasp,

And the ocean is so majestic blue…”

Living in such delightful wave is giving the carefree and poetic lifestyle. Accessing to the restaurants at the seafront and occasionally get to dine at any resorts for buffet. Ferringhi Garden, the well known bar and grill with the garden landscaping architectural is just 10 minutes away for the palatable fine dining. Thereafter for cocktail or mocktail that you can enjoy yourself by the bar at Bora Bora, Beach Comber Bistro, Sigi’s bar, Hard Rock Cafe and the lists go on.

Iconic Vue is situated on the Lorong Sungai Ema’s road, approximately a 5-minute walk to Golden Sand Resort. This property includes a condominium of 26 stories with 232 affordable apartments. Iconic Vue is built by Iconic Development Sdn Bhd. Iconic Development Sdn Bhd is a privately held mid-size real estate company with around six property developments in Malaysia. Icon City, Iconic House 88, Iconic Point, Iconic Regency, and Iconic Sky are other comparable projects of the same developer.

The swimming pool is luxuriate in the integrated facilities area with fully furnished kitchenette; outdoor furnitures and its own functional space for recreation, fitness center, reading corner and children playground. Iconic Vue features accommodation with free WIFI and the property offers access to a balcony. Some of the apartment is equipped with a microwave, washing machine, flat screen televisions and is tastefully furnished and renovated.

It is an ideal home for people who love the ocean and preferably living away from hustle and bustle city, having said that Georgetown is not too far away which is just 30mins drive. Many people in overseas are dreaming about living the island life, those who wanted the sun and love to be by the sea. Amazing weather, beautiful lagoons, bout tours and sunset by the beach or at home.

The best part about living in Iconic Vue, you get the island life in Batu Ferringhi. The landscapes are gorgeous and various, most people come here for vacation and you have a vacation home of yours when you own it. The activities to do at Batu Ferringhi near Iconic Vue are amazing. There are gorgeous spots for snorkeling and diving. If you love the ocean and marine, you will love spending your times looking for turtles, mini crabs, and seashells.

Experience the vacation home and island life with Iconic Vue.