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Encouraging Adoption

There are many issues around the world encircle the circular of children especially the losses of their parents or divorce happened between the parents when they are left in the orphanage home. Many of all these children they are actually innocent soul, pure, naive, and required good takeover parents to mould them into a scholar to have a family that they can called it “home”.

A pair of kindred spirit parents decided to adopt the children and they bringing home the children just as their own. Their children are very well matured and understanding to embrace and accepting new siblings just like their own and in due moment as though a beautiful blessing bestowed in this family that everyone connected like the string of hearts in spiritual souls regardless of anything. It touched our heart and inspiring, everyday of their life leading us to the amazing imprint how love surpasses all understanding.

There is so much in their family and sharing the remarkable bonding among each other. The youngest boy is very close to the adopted boys and the girls are close among each other. Even though having to raise 7 children but it seem the more they adopt, the more blessing bestowed from the divine for their good work and purpose. God gave them many open doors in raising their kids and each day, they are living in happiness. Through the wonderful adoption, the children found a good home and through the good hands that raising them, these adopted children are actually intelligent, smart and well knowing.

The family are lively and deemed with light of beauty shineth. They have a very good connection within themselves and they make the world a better place through their testimonies, it is very encouraging and soul touching. Many are uplifted and inspired by their collection of videos of their children growing up stage, challenges and soak in the love of the family.

Children bring joy and laughter to the home and can transformed the life of the family at times through their love and gratitude when they are properly taught and nurtured. Children are like a piece of white cloth to be guided and nourished. For any parents who have not have any children and who are capable and well to do, do think of adoption as adoption can be a graceful process. You never know it will be as ideally just as own children and you never know that by the act you had actually saved a soul.

If any family that still have ample rooms at home or ample bandwidth to raise children, do consider the beautiful lenses of the eyes from God view toward these orphanage. Build a family in them giving them love, the same love will received in the beautiful reflection.

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