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Project Reference : Gurney Plaza

The millennial iteration of typically urban, post-industrial, and local where the craft designed hall is suburban, corporate, and few with franchised branding. Instead of offering simple, standard “American” dishes in an environment designed for quick, solitary eating like the cafeteria of the late nineteenth and early twentieth century, it contains a diverse assortment of vendors with foods from around the world and local cuisine. While you might be able to do your grocery shopping at the premium supermarket such as Mercato in town in addition to grabbing a bite to eat. Shop it like you’re in Chicago with such parallel revival of the architectural designed of millennial vision with the recent popularity of Wells Street Market and the new Aster Hall at Michigan Avenue. This place is very much similar to Latinicity if any had been to Chicago.

We supplied part of the custom made furnitures as below :

Some part of the hall has the Scandinavian design with neutral color palette as one of its feature of natural light.

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