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Project Reference : Scots Pavilion

The Indoor Storey with Lift

Ever think of owning a unit that it save the pace of steps even to climb up the staircase, your car is well taken care off by the building that you don’t need to drive up from one storey to another storey or even to find a parking place. This building one in an island.

Custom made dining table and chairs

Tailored your own element and configuration when colours of mix can be done through custom made.

Rarely any home with the colours combination but by the flow of art from interior, the liveliness filled the home space. Create something extraordinary for your home through custom made.

Take delight through the process of the custom made by selecting your own laminate, drawer’s handle, and the good part is you can still mix and match the colours to your choice and paint to the selection of your choice.

A chair can just be that simple but to pairing with your custom made dressing table sometimes that simple if custom made with the fabric of your choice set the cozy ambiance and unique.

If any venture to create your own T-Shirt in Redbubble or design a home; will like to create your own furniture because in every T-shirt that custom made for your own design, the homey design of each can be differently, some wants it simple plain. So when everything place together, it tailor made to your own setting.

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