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Project Reference : Custom made VIP Lounge & Club House

Everyone has different space and drawings, when your space has it’s own designated size, then you will need custom made to make it into that space. Every F&B has it’s boutique concept and colors to decorate with the renovation.

Start planning your measurement and plan the design you wanted and set your colours. Above is given by our customer to custom made for F&B.

You can create your own living and your unique piece. At the heart of your F&B concept is its configurability and individuality. Depending on your choice, the look of the design morphs into your expression to the theme and concept of your F&B.

Project Reference and process of the custom made furnitures for our customers by their selection of their given and colours of the fabric.

There after to custom made the tables

You can choose your top of any materials – quartz, solid surface, marble or etc
You can choose the design of the table structure but for our project reference, customer selected the above to custom made with the table top.
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