Project Reference : The Kitchen Garden Rooftop

Ever dream of having a beautiful garden of your own to do with any gardening overlooking at the spectacular view of the city and a space to watch football, jacuzzi spa at the rooftop, barbecue with friends and family, and a space where you can called a party of your own.

Beautiful day for sunbathing with our custom made furniture and to enjoy the sunlight in the morning for tea/pastries at the garden. You can set yourself for light yoga outside and at the end of the day watching the sunset. A rooftop home made retirement worthwhile and giving a good lifestyle.
The view of the night with the lights of the canopy, waterproof bean bag, family occasions are all set, everyone can have their space from reading to cooking, and watching movie at the garden from the plasma screen. When sister is making the food with mother, brother is watching football with dad. The custom made furniture bring the family reunions in all activities.
Outdoor furnitures are useful for parties. When you have your space, food lifestyle with furniture, you can call your DJ, get the fancy with deco and the inspiration for recipes never run out in your garden cooking kitchen with friends and family.
By having the custom made furnitures, can do event space for private function such as group function of business organization gathering, community functional discussion, or any presentation event of any group participation. A penthouse and rooftop garden can do much, cost saving to have many things in one space of such to be the host. Similar to – you can now set up one here with the custom made furnitures to fill up many or to do with sunset venue.
Enjoy the view of the city after work can at time giving you the fulfillment as you are watching the good view of the whole from your garden. If you set up the botanical garden, can have the fresh flowers scent when you are having the coffee.
Having to think of board game of any kind, here your garden tables and chairs to keep your activity bloom for the day with your creativities and inspiration through the day during the weekends and keeping your hobbies. Pets will be much healthy to roaming around in the kitchen garden while the owners are relaxing and chill at the garden.

The custom made furnitures that you can choose your fabrics and design.