When a professional musician construe the beautiful piece…

We often driven away by any who are able to played Moonlight Sonata or any Yiruma’s list of Piano songs if we are walking into any places especially when we are entering into a building when everyone dressed up gorgeously for any high functional event or any International Award event. Piano often associate with the vintage centuries since the olden days of French and without the instrument in any heritage building, it seem like something is missing. When we listened to the good hymns of melodies, it brings us back to the soul of our heart. Music indeed played an important role in some classic detailing of the most soothing component to entice our soul.

Musical Daisy which debuted at the Philadelphia Civic Center Museum in 1970 was inventor Remo Saraceni’s first major technological achievement. The soft interactive sculpture featured eight petals, each containing a different musical note and each activated by the weight of someone walking or sitting on it. Saraceni, an Italian immigrant who moved to the United States in 1965 believed it encouraged conversation and represent “the fact that technology was a playful thing to explore the possibility of expanding yourself,” he says. Enamored of the invention and its interactivity, he spent the next decade making variations of Musical Daisy, leaning on his electronics expertise to refine his creative and sensory invention. The daisy morphed into a musical carpet a few years later and then inspiration truly struck.

Piano mastery of the musical chord not only playing to a masterpiece of flow but piano in music instrument is like a poetic movement of exchange in musical chord diversion. When one has mastered the music instrument through constant practice it became familiar to each chord and sound of the lower key and upper key that from there able to compose a song. A higher level will then be able to recognize each melodies of sound of the echo key straight away to divert into the flow of masterpiece in playing the instrument together.

Piano is an instrument not only to play a relaxation piece but also it trained our mind of detailing and finest. As when we are using our both hands to play the instrument is equally as training both sides of our brain in coordination of the betterment to fine tune into harmonization. If we are able to master this piece of instrument, by the fundamental from such technicality, it will helps us to handle anything in life in better coordination of framework and planning as well as intellectually. Pianists are genius in such sense as they come out through the process and iron in the sharpen of skill.

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