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The Eyes Opening Concert

Have you ever attended to a parade before and what music instrument that you would love to hear as opening ceremony? Every open ceremony has their own grandeur – splendor and impressiveness, especially of the appearance and style. 3 years old Akim Camara stands tall with the music instrument of his violin and touched the heart of the audience with tears through his composition.

How music and instrument actually made the impact of soul touching from afar just by the pull of melodies from the violin. Violin is an unique instrument of tune that evolved during the Renaissance. Whether performing an elegant solo or being the heart of the orchestra, the violin is one of the root in the music world. Violin is often used in country music, jazz and giving an exclusive calibrate to the classy frequency when the music put together as the whole.

Music can put family together and it is very beautiful to see when every individual in the family harvest such passion to sing along, find their favorite instrument to tuning in and getting the coloration into the melodies. How beautiful to be in such frame of regime doing thing together of similar hobby and compose a song together.

The movie “Sound of Music” has been in our heart for the tuneful, heartwarming story, it is based on the real life story of the Von Trapp Family singers, one of the world’s best-known concert groups in the era. It is also a real life story evolving music and how music bringing the children together and family into a piece and music brings us home.

In the music instrument family, violin giving the bright tone rises for they are played with a bow and that’s what make the instrument uniquely. The wooden chordophone made from hollow wooden body is like an antique piece; just as when we appreciate literature, we will appreciate such wooden instrument. During the Renaissance era, musicians used the violin as a dance and vocal accompaniment.

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