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Life is like a Guitar

“Life without an aim is like a guitar without strings.” Start a music piece and being incredible, most young generation will pick guitar especially the guys. Guitar makes it cool and turn space into lively atmospheric when it is played. If you are a famous musician of guitarist, your guitar will worth a fortune. David Jon Gilmour CBE is an English songwriter, guitarist and singer who was a member of rock band Pink Floyd. He joined as guitarist and co-lead vocalist in 1968. All his guitars are worth a fortune and in good demand at Christie’s in New York. The collection, which was toured worldwide and documented in the musical history as one of the world’s most influential guitarists. David Gilmour made the charitable work and bring it to good cause.

That’s how well a musician can do in the legendary. At the heart of David Gilmour’s playing is some of the very soulful blues vocabulary with precise string bending, lyrical vibrato and excellent intonation.

If we noticed guitars are often used in many occasion, and is very popular. If you are able to sing well, obtaining the guitar skill to sing and play concurrently create a special attribute and persona. Guitar and piano are some of the best instruments for creating songs because they can actually play multiple notes at the same time. Chord progressions are fundamental to making a song as the song structure and that is what adds variety and interest to the song.

The chord progression is like the foundation of the song and on top of that you can add melody with either vocals or the guitar itself by plucking individual strings. By acquiring the skill, you can be a singer-songwriter and many talents had make the successful venture career in music industry through the stepping stone. So start some where and who knows someday you will end up as incredible as them. (CLICK HERE)

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