How To Build Your Dream Boat?

Remember the days when we all used to build a boat using paper and leave it in the water to float? It was probably one of the best memory and joy from our childhood.

But why associate this whole experience to childhood only? Why cannot we make it a part of our lives today? Why sit back and think of all the good times that we had? Why not instead try to make it happen in the present for us to enjoy?

In this challenging time of lockdown due to Corona, where we are bound to step out, why not allow our kids and ourselves an opportunity to learn something new? That too when it is only a few clicks away?

We feel it is the best idea that you might have thought of in a while to bring your family and kids closer. Isn’t it? But, are you wondering how you will do it? Or how can you take your kids outside?

Do not be worried. We will not leave you alone to make it all happen.

Gone are the days; when learning was a difficult task when you had to move out of your house. CLICK HERE ( makes it possible for you and your family to do it just from the comfort of your own home.  

Yes! Building your dream boat was never this easy before.

All you need to know is: what kind of boat you, your family, or maybe your friends are looking out for. Just that, and you are good to go. You are free to choose and build your dream boat by following a step-by-step procedure mentioned in the above link. They have made the whole process exciting by having 518 Illustrated Boat Plans, 40+ videos on tips for boat-building, alongside a thorough guide of steps. From a list of materials to planning and then to building, they have it all.

Moreover, for a newbie, what else can be better than to have somebody close by to direct you through till the end of the procedure for boat building?

Now, you all must be thinking, what would I do of the boat that I built?

No worries, we have got you covered. You can use your dream boat for maybe going on vacations or picnic to an island with your family and friends, or even sell it and turn it into your own new business.  

If you want your kids to take a break from their tech devices and enjoy a physically and productive time, introduce them to this new activity. And they will keep coming back. Also, family bonding time is good through the good parenting activity together.  

Not that the procedure is easy, but with the appropriate guidance, we can reduce the difficulty of any task as we do in studies by getting the best teacher on board. To get yourself the best guidance for building your dream boat and making it a reality, book yourself with

Yes! the process might take your blood, sweat, and tears, but if the results are worth it all, then who mind?

Prices vary since each ship is customized, but The Viking Ship Museum provides some ballpark figures with an entry point of $44,000:

Skuldelev 6
(12 meters, 7 pair of oars and sail): €250,000 – €400,000

The Large Gokstad
(10 meters, 6 pair of oars and sail): €113,000 – €160,000

The Little Gokstad
(6.5 meters, 2 pair of oars, sail): €33,000 – €53,000

It’s undoubtedly a lot of money, but hey, if you’re going to drop big dollars on a boat, why not go handmade? You can make your own dream boat through the tutorials CLICK HERE (