Essential DIY Projects For Self-Efficient Living

Have you ever been on a mission trip to anywhere in the world to help people with poverty? Everyday we read news about the underprivileged and places that without resources. Sometimes a mission trip can do so little and sometimes we can’t carry much with us to outreach but we wanted to help as many as we can so that they are able to fund themselves and getting their own food in their own land. But how?

Provide them the independence and freedom are the key to the ultimate happiness. If we give someone a fish, we can only feed that for a day but if we provide the wisdom we can feed them for the life time. The same point as not being dependent on any outside source to get our basic tasks done is what makes us feel complete, and that’s what self-sufficiency is. On a day-to-day basis, we encounter various situations and deal with multiple tasks that can vary from simple to complex sets of instructions. The best way is to start giving them something that they can build themselves and harvest themselves, it will last them for the life time.

The concept of investing money is not discouraged, but we need to ensure that the money we are spending on; is worth it. Furthermore, anything that we can do ourselves efficiently; is not worth it to be spendthrift when we can harvest and build it. It is just like the saying “A penny saved is a penny earned.”  

It is difficult for us to take care of those on mission trip when we are from afar and on a short frame of time to provide them with all the needs unless if they are in our homeland. So the best we can provide them is self-sufficiency, building them something of innovative and teaching them how to do it thereafter so that they can lived and be independent on their homeland.

Self-Sufficiency brings us peace and benefits like no other. On such basis when we are able to build them something of such innovative with the essential needs, through the process we are also gaining by learning to be self -sufficiency as well and who knows if someday if we can to recite to the mountain to have a farm to set up a home, such all in one DIY tools to build all the equipment for the essential needs turn out to be useful when we helped others in the far away land. We can also get it for ourselves not necessarily to just on the mission trip purpose but through such acquisition of learning, we get into something wholesome.

How beneficial Self-Sufficiency is, and how it helps us to build our personalities well?

  • Self-sufficiency fills us with a sense of achievement following the fact; that we can do things without anyone’s assistance.
  • It helps us improve our confidence, trust, and self-esteem as we start to believe in ourselves.
  • It keeps us prepared for any hard time that is yet to come.
  • It keeps us independent of economy, or times like martial art or even times like pandemic so that we do not have to look out for food, capital generation, and a lot more. 
  • There are numerous economic benefits that we can get out of self-sufficient living as we start catering our necessities like food supply, producing energy, and much more on our own. 

This lifestyle of living independently; saves our money from spending on things that we can create at homes.

If you are interested to know essential DIY Projects for Self-Efficient Living, keep on reading as we will discuss a few of them below.

DIY Projects for Self-Efficient Living:

  • Pumping Gallons of water without electricity,
  • Making a water well of your own,
  • Collecting Rainwater and saving it for a difficult time,
  • Installation of solar panels and solar water heaters
  • Building a fuel generator,
  • Building a water wheel for power supply,
  • Food harvesting,
  • Building freeze-dryer to preserve food for up to 25 years,
  • Building Solar Dehydrator,
  • A DIY Air Conditioner,
  • Recycling and much more.

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Knowledge is best when shared; learning something as important as this is the best funding we can do for ourselves and other’s well-being when we wanted to go on mission trip to build something for them.

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