Build Your Own Aquaponic System

In the current world where we live, we can see gadgets, buildings, empires, and almost everything; but less greenery. We have frequently indulging in the tech industry, and our whole life is all surrounded by electronic devices. Our day starts from a phone and ends on a TV, while from dawn to dusk, it keeps us busy on our laptops. We hardly get any time to engage ourselves with nature and never realizes what we are losing in this race.

Like many activities out there, Agriculture is one, but we have brought something even interesting than that. Farming is not solely a hobby, but it is acquired by many people as a job too.

Traditional Agriculture revolves around the process of growing crops or edible plants by planting seeds and raising livestock. But today, we will not get into it and would rather talk about the aquaponics system, a unification of aquaculture, and hydroponics. To understand aquaponics well, we will first have to learn about aquaculture and hydroponics independently.

What is Aquaculture?

Aquaculture is exactly like farming but underwater. It is responsible for breeding and raising aquatic creatures that involve fish, plants, and animals like Mollusca; and many more.

What is Hydroponics?

Hydroponics is responsible for the growth of crops, but in the absence of soil, that’s what makes it different than traditional farming. Water filled with nutrients works as a replacement for soil.

Now, the question arises, how does the water contain nutrients that a crop needs for its growth?

That is when Aquaculture and Hydroponics join to make an Aquaponics system.

How does the Aquaponics system work?

For those of you who are wondering how the aquaponics system works. It depends on “Waste of one, food for others.” No matter how unforeseen it seems, but it does work that way only. Fish consumes its food and then excrete wastes in the form of urine and feces. This waste is nutrient-rich as both contain ammonia, a significant source of providing nitrogen to plants. Nitrogen then helps in the growth of plants and improves seed production. Now that this same water rich with ammonia is supplied to the plants, they take it as their food for their exceptional fast growth.

Aquaponics system can be created from a small scale like within your home to a commercial level for earning purposes.

Now in the era where we are living. It is hard to find unadulterated food, and how better it can get than this, where we have the control to grow plants and fish together under our supervision. And assuring; the next meal on the table to be pure, organic, and healthy with no supplements used.

Aquaponics does not only serve us with quality food but also has got other benefits like:

  •  Saving water consumption,
  •  Being environmental friendly, 
  •  Time, energy, and space-efficient, 
  •  The use of organic fertilizers,
  •  Protection of rivers and lakes from harmful fertilizers, and a lot more.

It is believed that the process of aquaponics speeds up the whole procedure of growing plants twice as fast. But with Aquaponics (, we can make the complete process even efficient. Aquaponics(CLICK HERE) do not only provides us step-by-step guidelines to build our Aquaponics systems. But also claims to grow “Ten times the plants in half the time.”

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